Terms of participation in the programs "Freeride Safari"
Team of organizers, instructors and guides
VASILY PIPASH Founder operator of snowcatchers ANDREY NENKO Instructor freeride guide GEORGY ZAMYATIN Instructor freeride guide
Entry for participation by phone: Tel./Viber: +38 097 3800111
Level of skating. To participate in the program, the rider must have experience of skiing outside the slopes for virgin lands. "I want to try freeride" - first you need to put the equipment on the track (with the instructor), ride next to the trails within the resort. Without the skills of off-piste skiing, you will not get pleasure, nor other riders who will wait for you. Guides have the uncontested right to limit the rider's participation in the program without compensation, if they consider that this will threaten the personal safety of the rider and / or the group. Snowboard / Ski. For riding off-road, the rider must have a suitable snowboard / ski. Yes, if you have an excellent technique, you can go on a virgin land and on a park board and on carving skis, but for a couple of downs in puhlyak you will die out and stop enjoying the ride, and any minor mistake can turn into a fall. Do you want it? There are several places on Dragobrat where you can take a suitable snowboard and wide skis for rent, it's better to do it in advance, we'll tell where. Avalanche equipment. We welcome when riders come with their avalanche kit and, especially, are able to use it. We cooperate with the store mount.com.ua, where you can take a beper probe and a shovel for rent. We also have bipers for rent, but it's better to come with your own. Routes for skiing. We have more than 10 locations with different variants of descents on each. We can not physically run them all in a day. When choosing a route, we start from the safety and snow conditions - we will choose the best for you! Booking of participation. To skate was safe and comfortable, we set a limit of participants in the program "freeride safari" - from 8 to 16 (18) riders. We have pre-booked seats for prepayment. So you will be sure that no one will take your place in the snowcat, and we are sure that you will not miss skating. Check out time is 10:00. If the rider is late, then we wait for a maximum of 10 minutes, then we leave and the prepayment burns irrevocably. Conditions for refunding the advance payment - in case of cancellation of departure for our reason or because of the weather.
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Sunrise Tourist program of climbing a snowcat to the top to meet the sun Gendarme (1764m), Gemini (1881m) Exclusive departure on a snowcat to meet the sun on the top of the mountain. Return back to the resort on a snowcat. Freeride is possible ONLY with avalanche equipment and accompanying guide. 250 UAH. Powder Day The complete program of riding a freeride on the main routes "Snowcat Freeride", 8-12 descents Riding "Snowcat Freeride", more than 10 locations with different descent options. Peaks: Stig, Blyznitsa Bolshaya, Bleznitsya Malaya, Krachunyuska, Bolshoy Kotel, Vorozheska, Gerishaska, Dogaska. 1700 UAH. Freeride programs of different difficulty levels
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